Sunday, July 23, 2017

Underwater pyramids in Japan

Recently off of the coast of Japan a large complex has been discovered.  There is much debate as to whether they are man made or natural and to what purpose did they serve through antiquity.  Visit the meditation  here


  1. well I certainly didn't stay focused on my feet this time!

    I have to admit that I was up and gone quickly this time. So fast that I decided I needed to come back and re do this meditation to be sure how I wanted to talk about this. By the time Barbara got to " personal light glow.." I found myself seeing a white gold bright light orb quickly coming towards me. I was then pleasantly enveloped inside it safe, warm and comfortable.... going off to view the pyramid. I have to admit this is where I lost the original play of the meditation, I heard nothing again concerning it until my phone rang and jarred me back at 7:45 pm ( edt). I was stunned for a moment wondering where was Barb's voice? Then i remembered the orb taking me to the Pyramid, hovering letting me view it before taking me into the area.No water, no time passed, just me visiting a place that I would know of as home or family familiar area. I would see glimpses of families, or even towns folks engaged in their activities. I would wave or reach out and would then be directed to another area or activity., thus reminding myself I was not to interact only observe. I believed I ventured on in familiar territory as if to pay respects and get closure, be comforted and complete in the journey. Repeating this is what allowed me realize that I had gained the knowing of closure. This was one of the more peaceful journeys to me, I certainly was anxious to make the trip;more so than I realized at the onset.


  2. I saw the pyramids. Then I was in them. In a long black robe but my face was hidden. There were stone benches. Then I was gone until you called us back, My feeling was that we were not of the earth, not human.


  3. Descending to the pyramid my body moved side to side. When we started to walk on the surface my body calmed and my hands and arms expanded to hold a large ball of glowing energy. Beings were rising out of the portals and floating into the sky. I felt they were either ghosts or some form of afterlife. In the chambers I sensed lots of various activity...beings going about their daily activities. When we ascended to the stars, the ball of energy dissipated. Then when the structure was empty, my hands tingled.


  4. Barbara- I have finally caught up with the rest of the group. I just finished a remote view at the Yonaguni Pyramid site. This was wild! I was looking at the photo of the narrow path between two stone walls, with a few steps at the end of the path. I saw a woman walking there, so I closed my eyes and saw and felt myself there. She turned around, and smiled. "So you like to look in on the past, do you?" I told her that I was only taking a peek and asked if she minded. This took place with her mouth closed, by thought. She smiled and said "No, but those who look into the past too long may find they cannot return". I asked her what had happened there. She made a sweeping gesture, and said "we lived here, we loved here and we died here." I asked if she knew that she came from Draco and she said "Yes, we knew. But we thought we were making a Utopian Community, but war was close at hand, and when we were destroyed they came for us and we returned in utter defeat." Before I could think of another question, she said "And now it is time for you to return before you cannot. Perhaps we will meet again one day." I thanked her, and bowed to her and left. Apparently, she had died there, and did not return with the others who still lived. She was middle-aged, I think grayish hair, Asian, in a black jacket and pants. The front had gold detail on it, similar to Asia today. They had an earthquake and then a Tsunami that destroyed their fortress style village. It was thought that it had been high and strong enough to survive such things. What I have already been told is that the Chinwahzee people are the Asians from which all of our Japanese, Chinese and all Asian peoples come from. Their home planet was in the Draco constellation, and the Draconians were close neighbors, a near by planet. The pyramid may have been due to their presence in that community but I didn't get to ask. Draconians are what we call Hispanic people. Barbara, I realize that this sounds like I am making it up, but this is what I got. Thank you, once again for the chance to participate in this experiment! -

    Deb Marshall

  5. Barbara- This was my first meditation with you.. I will do my best to describe what I felt and what I think I saw.. As I followed your voice, I felt us floating outside of the earth's atmosphere while holding each other's hands. As we looked down onto the earth, I felt peaceful, excited, and for some reason I felt I was smiling from ear to ear. Next, We all floated down to the location of the underwater pyramids in Japan. My first impressions was of war, sadness, and acceptance. I saw a woman with a child who appeared to be sad. She looked at me and put her head down and began to walk away with the child by her side. She was dressed in rags, which surprised me because I expected to see people of royalty and hidden tresures. I felt this place was not under water initially and was not man made. I am still struggling if this was a place of worship or a community under the control of one man because I wasn't getting a strong peaceful feeling. Thank you Barbara.. It was a very peaceful journey.

    Jen G

    1. I felt some of the same Jen ...thanks so muh for posting your comments