Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Antarctic Pyramids

This journey took us to the pyramids in the antarctic.  Many are still trying to figure out if they were made by nature or man or some other entity.  You can visit the meditation here 


  1. That was very deep. These are taking me somewhere else. The one thing I remember is that we were playing pool. All of the balls were purple. I sunk 4 balls at the same time. I bet no one else got that.


  2. I should note to you the reason this particular meditation interested me is because there was one of the previous meditations (I need to look through my notes to see what I sent you) where I saw some things that were also in this place. It struck me because the energy was not quite the same yet there were the exact same markers in this place as their were in one of the previous meditations. The glowing triangles. The difference was only the color they glowed, but the path placement and shape/design was exactly the same. I know the "time" is different between the two places. This place in Antarctica felt older, but everything looked was a super weird feeling to experience.

    Also, not previously mentioned because I didn't think it was relevant until I saw them again(I thought it was just my imagination), but there were tall glowing white...people/beings, not sure how to describe the color. It wasn't really a color rather a glow, but I noticed their hands first. They stuck out to me because their fingers were like humans but longer. It was just a flash I saw in the other meditation, but here as well so I wanted to mention it.

    I let your voice guide me until we went in the pyramid, then meditated silently for about 20m. The whole meditation I felt like was looking at the future, but the energy was so "old" that I kept saying to myself it had to be the past.

    When you mentioned in the beginning about seeing the energy spiral go into the pyramid I saw it as gold but the pyramid appeared to me as purple, but smooth like glass. I watched the energy spiral down and to the base of the pyramid then shoot outward where I saw canals..or maybe roads or deep cut out paths. They were all lined with the same purple glass material.

    In the pyramid where I began looking on my own I was just really amazed. It was very bright even though there was no access to the sun. I was stunned at how bright it was, a beautiful bright glow from the purple glass was just pouring in. Seemless glass. This is when I noticed how very large this place was. The floor was like neon, it sparkled when you walked on it. There were tubes running all over the place, looking like they were carrying out energy. Like I could here the energy humming...maybe something similar to an electrical plant. Energy conversion center or something. It just seemed like it was pulling in energy then pushing it out into the tunnels, or whatever they were, on the outside of the pyramid.

    I saw different rooms and just the one flash of those glow people. Some rooms have the triangles in them, some don't. Everything looks so advanced, colors especially.

    This was a fun but strange meditation for me, Barbara


  3. As we approached the pyramid there was a golden glow to the bright white snow. Entering the top of the pyramid I felt my body compress with my arms tight to my sides and my legs tight together...the tunnel was rock lined...brown in color. The room at the end of the tunnel was shiny glowing black absidian. As I passed Thur the portal, I was moving rapidly with lights flashing at intervals. There seemed to be rainbow colors ahead of me. Looking back into the large room before leaving the pyramid, I saw lots of activity by beings I could not identify...they were not human...?...thin long extremities, not much substance or color, elongated head, large eyes. The gardens were very colorful...pretty...inviting.


  4. I wanted you to know I'm still listening although I haven't shared much feedback. When you first wrote about the project in your May newsletter you wrote we didn't need to be an expert just willing to share in the group energy. I look forward to each week and I'm learning more listening to your discussions with a Bill.
    I especially enjoyed the YouTube videos on the Bosnian pyramids. I saw you interviewed Sam on an archived show, so I plan to listen to that show. My interest is in energy healing and I've been pleasantly surprised by the healing energy theme in many meditations.
    I do feel the group energy and following your guided words enhances my experience.
    I seem to feel pain in my right leg sometimes when I listen and I'm not sure if it's do to the group energy. When I initially listened to the first couple of meditations it almost felt like someone was holding my right hand. I usually see colors as well as feeling the energy during the meditations.
    There was a circular energy during the latter part of this meditation yellow or gold that I was seeing moving towards me repeatedly listening this morning. The power also went out for a short time at the end. There was no storm, weather conditions or other reason for this outage.
    Thanks again for your guidance. It's nice to reconnect as I enjoyed your spiritual development circle in the fall of 2014 and early 2015.
    Looking forward to Bill's book as well as the books you're writing.
    More input on other meditations to follow.
    Kind Regards,


  5. Dear Barbara- I did a remote view on the pyramid shapes on Antartica. That was odd, my Spirit Guides did not know that an alien colony ever existed there! I assumed that they were Draconian- such as South America and Egypt, but this was different. I saw 3 pyramids, one large two small. Under the large one, a burial chamber similar to Giza, but the single casket was less ornate. The chamber is partially caved in, and frozen, the body and the whole room, basically. I visualized using a flashlight as if there, and the body was Bru-Hoi, buried in a flight suit or uniform , wrapped in a silver blanket- like a survival blanket and in six skins. I think seal skins? The walls had no art that I could see, but the casket had a symbol a circle with a triangle in it, three smaller circles beneath it and two triangles on each side of the large one, sort of distorted, like knife blades. I am told that this indicated his rank as govenor of the colony. There was an inscription in a script like ancient cunioform, which I am told is ancient Bru-Hoi. It was their colony but they had Draconians there and this is why they used the pyramid configuration. One of the smaller pyramids was for embalming, the other a communal burial place for lessor officials. I am going to try to make the inscription and insignia on the art pad and attach it to this e mail. Apparently this colony predates our Father sending us here, even before Atlantis. Thank you for allowing me to take part in this! God bless,

    Deb Marshall