Saturday, July 22, 2017

The tomb of Osiris

We traveled to the tomb of Osiris which has not really been discovered yet though it is suspected to be in the area that was indicated for us.  There were many different levels and some passages that were still filled with rubble.  visit the meditation here  


  1. On way to main room there were steps to the right

    Main room.
    Tall white pillar with flat top with a sparkling white ball of light which lit the room.
    near it a carved seat made of wood.
    A square bathing area to the left of the chair.
    the wall on a symbol which is Ascending Luna node.

    When the whole room was lit up the ceiling and walls were golden and richly colored.
    Small starry like light in the sky in a rectangular window.The flashing light came into room and went back and forth in the room a few time and then shot off quickly to a single bright light in a dark sky.
    I heard a voice say "Fly freely my Lovely, fly freely."

    I went back to the stone steps in the tunnel which went to a lower chamber. I had a feeling of preparing for a ceremony. Plain chalice cup. Plain stone table. Dark in this chamber. I went through the wall into a huge cavern and underground trail which came out on the edge of the town,high up overlooking an entire view of the landscape.Then I was at the top of the pyramid as a bird circling the top and a quarter of the way down.

    In a courtyard of white stone outside. I noticed a rectangular water trough which had a pipe bringing fresh drinking water into it. 3 children dressed in white garments played guess which pot the pea is under, in the sunshine. Next to them was a bathing square with steps leading down into it with clear water inside.
    Anubis with his staff stood guarding an entrance into the stone wall. The children ran to go into the entrance and Anubis put his staff across the entrance to stop them going in.
    I was shown an image of a sparkling calm sea into the distance from a high view.

    Barbara said come back and I jumped Ha! Ha!.


  2. Many thanks for an interesting and eventful guided meditation today! I found myself arm-in-arm with the others in the circle and observing many things in the chamber, including statues with lion heads, crystal and rock formations, lots of gold objects and a low musical sound, like a gong. Then when you suggested we branch out I found myself in a beautiful garden, filled with exotic flowers, birds, & butterflies, and streams of running water. So peaceful! Then I was in the foyer of a large structure like a palace, encased in a large crystal, receiving cleansing energy and having centers opened. Then you called us back. What a beautiful experience! Thank you.


  3. Shirley: Smells musty, damp and dusty. Hieroglyphics. Man on a bench contemplating...couldn't get past him.

    Me: I had terrible terrible pressure in my sinus. I saw everything as it was fresh, a lot of gold and blue paint was used in the hieroglyphics. One of the hieroglyphics would keep drawing me in. A man holding scales, his hair or hat or whatever was gold and blue. His eye seemed overly large for his face and I stared at his eye I would get sucked into a tunnel. I heard chants "dogman dogman dogman dogman" and then suddenly before me stood a very very tall man. He had a giant golden snake on top of his head. There was a fierce light behind him so i could not see any features of his face. I asked him who he was and I had no response. I tried to see past him but then we were called forward.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to do this, it was a lot of fun!

    _Shelby and Shirley

  4. The first thing I saw was something that didn't belong underground. It was like a Russian turret made of stained glass. The colours were red, white and blue but mostly red. It depicted nothing that I recognized but was out of place.

    Later my feet were bound and a golden chariot arrived. I was advised that I was to be carried.

    Then during the silence I arrived to a place with no memory of it.

    My head kept getting pulled to the left and I thought perhaps it had something to do with another person in the group.


  5. felt the vortex and went in, also felt the group. Went down the corridor, and
    as I entered the room, saw a woman Egyptian in all the garb, lots of gold she smiled and with her arm showed me to go to the right, I did and went into another adjoining chamber that went down as I walked down 3 stones steps it was dark with a blue light a deep blue indigo light that luminescent. There was a circle of stone like seats, and in the middle was water, as I sat there my feet in the water, I felt a unity of everyone even though I was by myself.
    I stayed and felt my energy rising. I then left there and went up the steps to the main room, and there I saw an alter, there was light in the chamber now on the walls that was fire, not lamps but something burning, and the alter was beautiful and gold.
    the ceiling was painted, in a decoration, of a long body and strange looking people. it felt cosmic, bigger than even egyptian older.
    I then started to return and leave, interesting the corridor was lite up as I worked my way out.
    thats it for this one time meditation I will listen again and see what happens.
    hope this helps, I was not scared at all, I felt I knew the place, and it felt like home.
    thanks Renee

  6. 1 meditation.
    I saw white light, the post went into violet, followed by the dark violet. I saw an alien and a bear standing on two paws. I think he was angry because I saw his fangs. Then I saw a white horse and a swan. Here I had to stop meditating, but when I had to get up I was very heavy, as if gravity pinned me to the ground.


  7. It was interesting data. Not sure what everyone else got.
    There is a stream which is under the sand. Under about 30 feet is Granite. Another 40 feet down is a drop. This brings you to a level. On this level there is a vortex. The vortex leads to a gateway on the left. To the right they call it an underworld. The left takes you up through the sand and to a portal.
    This stuff came in fast. We had 23 inches of snow.
    I could not access the Internet so I did this by myself. ;)
    The red wall came in several times over. Ask Bill if that means anything.
    The portal connects to twilight. There are some structures that appear smooth with pebbles. There used to be metals. They are gone.


  8. Touching the causeway, my feet felt warm as if walking on warm sand on a summer beach. Going down the passage to the first chamber I was claustrophobic. Just before the end of the passage way ended I felt dust in my nose and throat. In the chamber the walls seemed dark old copper. They felt cold and damp...after we went back in time, the walls became lighter with shiny gold-coppery, with tourquoise colored in-laided designs.

    That's it...


  9. listened to the first one and not visually but in my mind I got birds
    and a symbol I can't quite remember now
    rough walls like hard to describe but like really not smooth at all very cavernous is best way I can describe
    gotta go for now but will let ya know what if anything I get for next one