Sunday, July 23, 2017

We returned to the Great Pyramid  once more for an extended meditation.  Visit the meditation here


  1. In this meditation at first I didn't see much until, the sounds started, and the sounds and the frequency waves started to move, through us all and the walls, Began to vibrate, then they disappeared. Sound was made by the mouth, as the air moved over the lips of these people it was raising the vibration. Any way the people looked like people.
    the chambers didn't seem special, but had sacred geometry in them, that the sounds brought out.
    I feel like there was a connection deep into the earth, and then also to vibrate up, within the chamber. almost like the underworld, or something like that, maybe it does not make sense maybe it does.
    was about sound and moving around with in a dimension. As I would go lower the sound would shift as I would go higher the sound would shift which also shifted me to seeing differently.
    What I saw at that time wasn't fantastic or great it was just experiencing going up and down watching the walls and structures disappear,
    then appear again.


  2. Peace. Many visions and messages. This is what eye will share. From the center of the pyramid comes gases or a fragrance that flows into the atmosphere. The stones can be touched for messages Queen <3 Eye shall appear again to go on another journey with you Barbara

  3. White pyramids. White sand. Rumbling internal. Almost like a thunderstorm. High frequencies are connected as lightning strikes internal and permeating external.

    Ships overhead, above the Great pyramid.

    There is a black grate yet solid with a handle. You can pull this handle and it will take you into the tunnels. The sand is vulnerable in and around this area as if one could get pulled under.

    Something magnetic is pulling the sand underneath these chambers.

    There is noise in the Queens chamber. Like a flowing stream. This meditation is about sound audible frequencies and less visuals. Vibration alters each room to a level of frequency which can make the room translucent.

    There is also the sensation of flowing water in these chambers instead of below the pyramids. The water creates a static charge.

    This type of internal environment will alter molecular, cellular energies in the body. A place to heal and transmute beyond the illusions of a engineered reality.

    That is all that connects in at this time.