Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Kings Chamber - Giza Plateau

This journey took place to visit the Kings Chamber in the great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau.  Visit meditation here


  1. In room a round wooden table with a compass inlay in the wood. (see photo.)
    I stood next to square box looking up at ceiling I saw the scene of Michelangelo's painting of God looking down which is on the Sistine chapel in the Vatican. (see photo.)
    Tunnel up to gallery brown walls very dim but slightly lit from above. Traveling to the light could feel the angle of the slope as I was rising upwards and forward
    White light sheer peacefulness.
    Three ladies wearing white robes giving me a folded robe. I felt I was an important person and either a high priestess or going to become one.
    Returning -shimmering rainbow colour walls looking like the mists falling from a waterfall.

    I found I went very deeply into this meditation and was just totally peaceful during and after felt happy afterwards.
    I felt the table with the inlaid compass represent from that place you could go in any direction it was a central point from which paths connected
    The was no compass point just a clear picture of the layout of an old compass
    The painting of God was a reference to the source of all life from that point of white light entry.
    Interesting isn't it.
    I may do this one again.

    Love Lins xxxxx

  2. As you were starting to speak, I heard a spirit say hey hey hey three times, then I heard whats up? was funny really.
    Then we left them and went out.
    so in the chamber, I laid in the box, and then an eye came through my chest, that comforted me. The light burst up at the top, and spiral of gold from my head way up and up, through this comes the visions, and I can travel the golden spiral. When I did flow with it, I went up and saw a temple of etheric light, and spaceships, colors stretching and changing, and beings not aliens, and then my some aliens, but then beings, and it was a huge amount, they beings looked in different time periods. My eye at the heart started to pulse, and I felt a deep penetrating love.
    Lots of gold, that is a transmutation chamber/and or a travel chamber. Maybe its just me.
    But we were never alone.
    Also the walls were spinning atoms, all the time spinning and you could use that at will if you wanted. I feel its always been that way.

    Not scary at all.


  3. Hi Barbara and Bill, I've just had an OMG! moment. I was looking at crop circles as there is one near me on 17 June. Well looking through the site I saw the exact same image of the compass picture I sent to you which I found the nearest desciption of. As soon as I saw this crop circle I knew it was exactly the same as what I was shown in the meditation. Just had to share it with you as I am blown away with that. Plus I wrote on a friends group 2 days ago if the other crop circles were too far to visit but if one comes near me I shall go and see it and that night it appeared and was reported yesterday at cheesefoot hill near Winchester 11 miles away Lol!
    Here is the link to the one last year which I didn't see until today.
    Love Lins xxx