Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Bosnian Pyramids

Many did not know there were pyramids in Bosnia so this was a great adventure for many.  the links below are for background and information on the pyramids themselves  and it is recommended you watch them before you do the meditation.

you can listen to the meditation  here  


  1. I wanted you to know I'm still listening although I haven't shared much feedback. When you first wrote about the project in your May newsletter you wrote we didn't need to be an expert just willing to share in the group energy. I look forward to each week and I'm learning more listening to your discussions with a Bill.
    I especially enjoyed the YouTube videos on the Bosnian pyramids. I saw you interviewed Sam on an archived show, so I plan to listen to that show. My interest is in energy healing and I've been pleasantly surprised by the healing energy theme in many meditations.
    I do feel the group energy and following your guided words enhances my experience.
    I seem to feel pain in my right leg sometimes when I listen and I'm not sure if it's do to the group energy. When I initially listened to the first couple of meditations it almost felt like someone was holding my right hand. I usually see colors as well as feeling the energy during the meditations.
    There was a circular energy during the latter part of this meditation yellow or gold that I was seeing moving towards me repeatedly listening this morning. The power also went out for a short time at the end. There was no storm, weather conditions or other reason for this outage.
    Thanks again for your guidance. It's nice to reconnect as I enjoyed your spiritual development circle in the fall of 2014 and early 2015.
    Looking forward to Bill's book as well as the books you're writing.
    More input on other meditations to follow.
    Kind Regards,


  2. Entering the pyramid I sensed dancing around me...the participants were wearing feathers and other bird-like costumes. In the tunnels I felt like I was weaving and floating upward as if my body was filmy and transparent...being pulled upward. In the first room my body twitched and tingled as if filled with energy. I became very still and calm as we left the room and re-entered the tunnel. In the room with the tablets my hands tingled as we neared the tables with the tablets. Leaving thru the top of the pyramid there was a glow that seemed to draw me from the pyramid into the heavens.

    I hope this is helping! I don't feel my contributions are very significant. But I do find the information on the pyramids and the meditations fascinating!


  3. I was unable to get a whole lot on this meditation except 1 thing. I started as usual but this time I only used the location, I didn't end up doing the walkthrough through the first part, so I may go back to doing that after today as it helped me feel a little more connected to the group energy.

    Only got a few things, and I meditated for about 20 minutes on the location:

    I was surrounded by the color neon green and some blips of the color silver. Occasionally, I would see something(shapes or someone walking) close but I could never make it out. It was very thick, not like slime, but like a a fog. It did not feel bad or good, neutral is a better word. The only smell was that of a fine most, or early morning dew. I could not see in front of me and there was a loud humming sound, something vibrating. Occasionally, I would see these tiny spheres, about the size of a baseball, they would appear through this fog and they were silver. They were solid, I could pull/push them, but I'm not sure they're purpose.

  4. Thank you, so much! You know, until tonight, I didn't know of the Bosnian pyramids. My Spirit Guides tell me that the Draconian people had a settlement there a very long time ago and they did build those pyramids! They were in South America, Mexico, and Thailand (mixed with the Chinwahzei people- the Chinese, also from a planet in the Draco constellation), and probably Egypt, but the Egyptians had a very different religion that no one is sure just how it came to be. They were also in the Middle East, and Nazca, also.The Draconians were what we call latin or hispanic. I listened to meditation #8, the Bosnian pyramids, and I noticed one other thing- if you count the blue agate pyramid painting as #1, the 8th photo of an orange sunset behind the pyramids, take a look at the clouds to the right , over the largest pyramid- you can see a rectangular shuttle, the tail of it is on the rt.,, in fact it looks sort of rounded, like a tail pipe. the front is hidden in the clouds. Unfortunately, we have a fleet of them over us most of the time. Someone was enjoying the sunset!- Debra Marshall I'm going to attach a photo or two . py1 is of draconian pyramids off the American coast, near Florida, I think.It shows how our coastline has changed.The other is of a Bru-Hoi man, I took this on a battlefield.They are the ones with saucer shaped shuttles