Saturday, July 22, 2017

 Khufu Valley Mortuary  -  We visited a site that is under a great deal of construction.  We only have suggestions as to what this site looked like thousands of years ago so this one was a sort of challenge. We went back in time and viewed this site in all of its glory and found a few surprises as well. Visit the meditation here 


  1. I saw Earth and white light, a channel of white light. I sailed to the ground and saw pyramids. At first I was not allowed to enter. I stood with animals (cats & tigers) on the balcony, I saw the pyramids and around them was very green: grass & palms. I saw the white sparks fly up to the pyramid, I flew behind them. I walked in. It was dark, but there was light, white light. When it came closer, it turned out to be a pineal gland and shaded in white, purple and blue. First violet dominated then blue. I saw strangers but this time I can not describe them. They had human friendly faces. They sat in the corner of the ceiling and wrote something. It was dark and their faces flickered in white violet, blue. I saw a dragon, a beautiful calm gold green dragon. An aura of wisdom and tranquility struck him. I suddenly saw badger who was angry and cobra. I do not know why. I saw angels and swans. When we were back I got back on the balcony with my pets.


  2. I found the energies much stronger with this meditation…while I knew we were looking at what was there as opposed to what is there it felt as if we were really pulled to this location. While I was in control of the group it felt as if we were compelled to go in directions that I had not anticipated.
    I say the Great Pyramid clearly with the white casing and the hieroglyphics really stood out to me. It felt as if they told a story that was in direct conflict with what history has put out there. There was a lot of technical information …almost as if they were directions of some sort.
    The causeway surprised me as well…when our feet touched down there was a sort of electrical charge that went through my body and increased the energy that I was holding …I would not be surprised if many had very surreal experiences.
    While the building and the obelisk were interesting … I must point out that the obelisk appeared to go far underground as opposed to just being planted there as decoration. It felt as if the underground part of it went down for hundreds of feet if not more, and the message was again directions as opposed to a recounting of history or a message to the future…there was a feeling of need to understand the directions…
    It was the underground ramp and the side chambers that I did not expect … I know this was supposed to be a funerary building but I felt the surge of life on many dimensions instead…as we went down the ramp ( not stairs but a ramp as if things were rolled down it) I felt another surge of energy and the walls literally glowed, no source of light but a glow and there was a humming sound as well though very subtle. I had the feeling that we had not so much gone back in time but rather slipped into another dimension and that was what this chamber was for. It was large with branches or tunnels that were huge branching out in all directions.
    The symbols on the walls and floors did not seem familiar to me as hieroglyphics but rather a different form of communication as well …it was almost as if the viewing trigged the information within me…though I couldn’t speak it meaning I just knew what it meant.
    The feeling of the group energy seemed to increase the longer we stayed down there or over there whichever it was and there was the feeling that if I did not keep them together some would have really wandered off. When we withdrew the energy shifted and became more familiar to me …in was a very interesting trip.


  3. Sent into Cave (?) where I was watching Man spinning energy like it was pottery he lets it go and it spins a women there reach into (?) and spin energy. I feel like I go into the energy with bright red sparkles and watch it spin from within. Very Cool.... Traved to a place where I was greeting by someone who gave me a hug...They were in a white robe with a hood. I moved along and saw passage way men marching into room cave...holding spears dressed in Roman uniforms...lots and lots of people walking like it was in the street both directions. Walls had drawing could not make out...smell water...moved along to walking down tunnel full of people look maybe praying... light above..drawings or writing look like spaceship. There was light coming from the ceiling through the stones. went out into a court yard where energy was coming out of top of building or statue or something . beam of light.... lots of moving energy.
    Forgot to mention Spaceship. drawing of spaceship on wall...out side of ramp.


  4. This was an interesting meditation. It felt different than the other one. I sat up with my eyes open to avoid falling asleep. This is what I got...

    On the outside of the pyramid. When you said there were hieroglyphics on the white marble I saw them very, very, very vivid and bold. They were kind of highlighting and jumping out (visually) all around at different times. The message that came to me was “Live your life. Life is the most important thing. Give life, not take life”.

    In the streets I smelled roasting nuts and spices being roasted.

    I also smelled salt water (which- shouldn’t the water been fresh water? Or maybe brackish? Logically I was confused by this).

    In the streets I also saw people that were professional snake keepers. They were playing with them on display. Making them go through different kinds of rings. The men that were doing this had eyes with makeup around them. The black black, thick, wide makeup was round around the eye, like a raccoon.
    On the obelisk the message that came to me from the hieroglyphics was “Be close (physical and mental) to God. Worship the God.”

    In the underground area I felt there were small pools down there. The pools had small stone objects inside the pools. It reminded me of Istanbul. Like this, without columns…


  5. It would appear this is the muslim's way of hi-jacking and staking power spots to redirect the energies in their rituals.

    Underwater canals used to transport bodies in a cylindrical design. Transparent.

    The Obelisk in the image appears as more than marker yet the center of the site. Extended out is a clockwise spiral this would appear as a structure encircling the Obelisk, extending out beyond the construction site. It reminds me of a coliseum.

    This is not for the dead. It is for the living. Something has been moved from this site. Wrong area or perhaps mismarked comes to mind on purpose. Inverted stairs.

    Foot note: I see a grid on the Great Pyramid. It reminds me of a mother board. Reminds me of a radio telescope/dish.

    Animal burials connect in. Sacred temple cats. Animals were very much a focus in this area. Spirits are connected in with the animal kingdom.


  6. As we walked down the causeway I saw a large plain terracotta storage vase, There were people at a market and stalls.
    There was water on both sides of the causeway.
    At the Temple Obelisk I was reminded of angelic writing which I have in a healing book. I was also shown in gold the the astrological symbol for Scorpio, reversed, and the symbol for Neptune.
    I could hear dripping water and when we went down the slope I saw a lot of tunnels leading in different directions and rooms with lights as you traveled on down there. In the biggest cavern we were under the sea like being in the channel tunnel which had a high dark rounded ceiling like you were not in a dome but like a tube tunnel, just rock face carved in a semi circle.

    When we left I thought I was going to be shut in and started to shout in my mind's eye "don't leave me!" and then I saw myself with a outstretched hand and the door was shut and I was in darkness. Outside I was closing the door and wanting to get away from the place.
    I know that's connected to a past life where I was shut in a dark underground room for a ceremonial test in the pyramids.

    Then I came back to my chair.
    I found the symbols and am adding them for you. As the symbol for Scorpio was reversed I wandered if thats because we went back through time.


  7. I would seem to see 2 sets of languages, some on the walls and pillars and others on the floors. They would seem to brighten and then dull as you would approach them. I got so that I was almost lost with looking at the writings as I went along. It seemed to be in a busy hub like a terminal. People from all walks of life were passing through this place.


  8. Walking on the causeway i envisioned bright white uniform bricks under my feet. As I entered the columned sanctuary I felt a peaceful serenity. It was cool, peaceful, calming, low lighted. I smelled sweet flowers and saw lots of large white single-pedaled flowers. The area was full of rectangular pools of cool, still water surrendered by benches for sitting. Entering the obelisk area I squinted from the bright white light. Everything was bright white with exception of the obelisk which was gold. Everything gleamed. It was warm..maybe hot.
    I had little other sensations after that. Entering the large chamber, my only sensation was activity.


  9. Greenery, I see a lot of water. It doesn't look like the desert at all. I arrive after a walk to a building, it has a huge eye carved into it. Walking in I can feel the breeze I smell water and leathers. I see scrolls and papers and stones w symbols. Maybe a library I guess.

    Walking through the back, the building it is very open, I'm surprised bc I'm afraid it will rain on something and ruin the stuff in there, but nobody else is worried.

    I notice triangles on the ground, they glow red when I step on them. I follow them for a while. I see a vision suddenly to a fire and where I stand there is not much but black charred debris. I cannot see if it was the past or the future; I noted how much damage was done for what I presume is a primitive time.. Then I am put back where I am standing.

    I go down a hallway and see a door, carvings of birds on it. The door opens to a neon blue room. I feel like I'm looking at a tour guide speaking to a crowd...maybe. lots of ppl looking at a person explaining a piece of something that is behind what looks like a braided rope. All of their skin glows the same neon blue.

    My legs go out from under me and the meditation is over.

    I will prepare myself for the #3 and send it straight away. Thanks,