Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Remote Viewing #10 - Tomb of the First Emperor of China

Distant Viewing Meditation - Friday Aug 11, 2017 11 pm eastern

 This is going to be an interesting meditation…there is info on the site if you are interested in its history plus some video’s that fill you in on a bit more.  Please remember to leave your impressions on the Blog so that we can all share what we have experienced.  If you haven’t done all of the meditations feel free to leave your comments on them as well, all of the links to the meditations are on the blog also.  Thanks for sharing your time with us.  

The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor,  is located in Lintong District, Xi'an, Shaanxi province of China. This mausoleum was constructed over 38 years, from 246 to 208 BC, and is situated underneath a 76-meter-tall tomb mound shaped like a truncated pyramid. The layout of the mausoleum is modeled on the Qin capital Xianyang, divided into inner and outer cities. The circumference of the inner city is 2.5 km (1.55 miles) and the outer is 6.3 km (3.9 miles). The tomb is located in the southwest of the inner city and faces east. The main tomb chamber housing the coffin and burial artifacts is the core of the architectural complex of the mausoleum.
The tomb itself has not yet been excavated. Archaeological explorations currently concentrate on various sites of the extensive necropolis surrounding the tomb, including the Terracotta Army to the east of the tomb mound.[2] The Terracotta Army served as a garrison to the mausoleum and has yet to be completely excavated.

Work on the mausoleum began soon after Emperor Qin ascended the throne in 246 BC when he was still aged 13, although its full-scale construction only started after he had conquered the six other major states and unified China in 221 BC. The source of the account of the construction of the mausoleum and its description came from Sima Qian in chapter six of his Records of the Grand Historian, which contains the biography of Qin Shi Huang.

In the ninth month, the First Emperor was interred at Mount Li. When the First Emperor first came to the throne, the digging and preparation work began at Mount Li. Later, when he had unified his empire, 700,000 men were sent there from all over his empire. They dug through three layers of groundwater, and poured in bronze for the outer coffin. Palaces and scenic towers for a hundred officials were constructed, and the tomb was filled with rare artifacts and wonderful treasure. Craftsmen were ordered to make crossbows and arrows primed to shoot at anyone who enters the tomb. Mercury was used to simulate the hundred rivers, the Yangtze and Yellow River, and the great sea, and set to flow mechanically. Above were representation of the heavenly constellations, below, the features of the land. Candles were made from fat of "man-fish", which is calculated to burn and not extinguish for a long time. The Second Emperor said: "It would be inappropriate for the concubines of the late emperor who have no sons to be out free", ordered that they should accompany the dead, and a great many died. After the burial, it was suggested that it would be a serious breach if the craftsmen who constructed the mechanical devices and knew of its treasures were to divulge those secrets. Therefore, after the funeral ceremonies had completed and the treasures hidden away, the inner passageway was blocked, and the outer gate lowered, immediately trapping all the workers and craftsmen inside. None could escape. Trees and vegetations were then planted on the tomb mound such that it resembles a hill.
— Sima Qian, Shiji, Chapter 6.

Some scholars believe that the claim of having "dug through three layers of groundwater" to be figurative. It is also uncertain what the "man-fish" in the text refers to, interpretation of the term varies from whale to walrus and other aquatic animals such as giant salamander. Before the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor was completed, a peasant rebellion broke out during the late Qin dynasty. Zhang Han redeployed all the 700,000-people building the mausoleum to suppress the rebellion, so the construction of the mausoleum ceased. After Xiang Yu entered Xianyang, he is said to have looted the tomb. Afterwards, it is said that a shepherd unintentionally burnt down the underground palace of the mausoleum. The story goes that he went into a cave of the mausoleum, dug by Xiang Yu, to look for his sheep with a torch in his hand, and a fire was started, burning away all the remaining tomb structures. No solid evidence of this has been found, and some scholars think that the mausoleum did not suffer any large-scale destruction.
In 1987, the mausoleum, including the Terracotta Warriors, were listed as World Heritage Sites.

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Attached is a picture of the symbol I received.
    I also saw the word Azael.

    Thank you for the mediation.

    I also saw myself in a cocoon. My hands were also drawn to my forehead.

    When you spoke of light I only saw darkness.

    Thanks again.


    1. Azael is a fallen angel and he might have been there at that time.

  2. The meditation taking place in the China pyramid mentioned the word "gong" several times.

    The first time I heard the word "gong" I heard a voice (not Barbara) saying in the background...." so muted...." meaning no gong sound but having the same vibrational effect. Each time I heard the word "gong" I felt the same affect.

    I use to have a 5 ft diameter gong and used to play it a lot. The meditation word seemed to take me instantly to those experiences of the gong.

    Another set of words in the meditation "enter from the left and exit right" seemed to be an answer to a question I had asked myself relating to a design I am doing now. The meditation again took me to a place helping me understand my work.
    I posted on my Facebook the results of that understanding concerning a meditation device I am now building.

    Pyramids of the meditation sessions each week seems to all have a connection to dimensional doorways which helps relate to the entrance and exit directions.


  3. I'm posting this late,but better late than never. In meditation I saw a terracotta warrior shoot an arrow thru the Draco dragon, it roared and came down from the heavens and breathed into the two rivers. Then I heard"I was told by my sorcerer that I would control the souls of my army after death- their souls were to be housed in the terracotta figures, where I could command them after death. I did not know about my concubines. Many were beautiful young girls and I would not want that or the death of the workmen!" He also said that he paid a terrible price for trying to control those soldiers.